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The Saxophone and its Music

Knuston Hall, an Adult Residential College is hosting a course for saxophonists; The Saxophone and its Music. I'll be there as a tutor, it's a very enjoyable week with ensembles ranging from quartets to the large ensemble consisting of twenty-four players. I'll be joined by Sarah Hind (the baritone player in the Quirk saxophone quartet) and also later in the week by the amazing Sarah Markham (that's not me being biased for obvious reasons!). There's a huge library of music; classic repertoire, jazz quartets and arrangements of non saxophone works, and Sarah Markham and myself will be running workshops during the week.

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Kenneth Wilkinson


Feel free to use the contact form to discuss having lessons in my teaching studio (classical and jazz). An audio system is available to record and listen to material we study.


Workshops relate to, and improve, your instrumental performance. Recent workshop sessions include:

How do I sound like that?
An exploration of mouthpieces and reeds (classical and jazz), timbre and sound production.

A safe, non-threatening, comfortable approach to improvisation!

An introduction to jazz improvisation for (often anxious) players, with little or no experience.

Reed Alteration

A workshop demonstrating techniques to hone and fine tune your reeds.
Quirk Duo


The Quirk Duo is saxophonists Sarah Markham (Yamaha and Vandoren performing artist), and Kenneth Wilkinson. Between them they have a performing career spanning sixty years, enjoying many genres including solo recitals, opera, orchestral, jazz, pop and chamber music. The Quirk Duo is a distillation of those experiences, an exploration of possibilities.
Quirk Saxophone Quartet


The Quirk Saxophone Quartet is made up of like-minded saxophonists:

Sarah Markham - soprano
Kenneth Wilkinson - alto
Chris Jolly - tenor
Sarah Hind - baritone