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Quirk is going to Zagreb

The Quirk saxophone quartet will be performing at the World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb, Croatia's capital city. We're rehearsing the works in our programme, which include works byRichard Ingham and he's joining us to perform them. We're also performing two works written by members of the quartet; Smudge by Chris Jolly and I didn't get where I was today by myself. Chris's piece is vibrant, rhythmic and exciting. As a quartet we love it. My composition is at the sketching stage. We played through a few sections at our rehearsal on Friday.

Challenging. I blame the rain.

The structure of my quartet is based on rainfall, with the implicit rhythms and complexity. A Messiaen mode (no harmonic resolution), a ten note phrase structure and a layer of accents based on significant events in a rainfall transcription doesn't easily lend itself to 4/4. So a large part of my work is in 7/16. Quite a challenge, as each saxophone part enters at a different time, with differing accents. Those saxophonists in Sibelius seem unfazed by anything. Whereas I found it pretty tricky to play the alto part in my own composition!

It's not all about textures. I have in mind a lyrical melody to rise through and float above the rain, for our amazing soprano player. I realise how fortunate I am to have a professional saxophone quartet to try out my stuff, such lovely people, offering endless support.

Best comment after a few play throughs: "It sounds like Gotkovsky". If only...

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The Quirk Duo is saxophonists Sarah Markham (Yamaha and Vandoren performing artist), and Kenneth Wilkinson. Between them they have a performing career spanning sixty years, enjoying many genres including solo recitals, opera, orchestral, jazz, pop and chamber music. The Quirk Duo is a distillation of those experiences, an exploration of possibilities.
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The Quirk Saxophone Quartet is made up of like-minded saxophonists:

Sarah Markham - soprano
Kenneth Wilkinson - alto
Chris Jolly - tenor
Sarah Hind - baritone