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Dialogue de l’Ombre Double by Boulez at the Fifth Annual Saxophone Day

Sarah Markham is directing her fifth annual Saxophone Day at the University of Huddersfield on the 8th March. It's quite exciting, Richard Ingham (saxophone) and Pete Stollery (sound diffusion) will be performing Dialogue de l’Ombre Double by Boulez. There will be workshops and also a masterclass featuring University saxophonists. The Quirk saxophone quartet will make an appearance in the opening recital, which will also include Egyptian Wish, a trio for three soprano saxophones composed by Katy Abbott. This particular trio features a fair bit of synchronised glissandi....

The day starts at 10:00 am and finishes about 7:30 pm after the evening concert (6:00pm). There will be exhibitions by Yamaha, Vandoren, Selmer, D’Addario Woodwind, Yanagisawa and Windstruments; always good to try out the latest stuff.

Full details are on Sarah's website.

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Workshops relate to, and improve, your instrumental performance. Recent workshop sessions include:

How do I sound like that?
An exploration of mouthpieces and reeds (classical and jazz), timbre and sound production.

A safe, non-threatening, comfortable approach to improvisation!

An introduction to jazz improvisation for (often anxious) players, with little or no experience.

Reed Alteration

A workshop demonstrating techniques to hone and fine tune your reeds.
Quirk Duo


The Quirk Duo is saxophonists Sarah Markham (Yamaha and Vandoren performing artist), and Kenneth Wilkinson. Between them they have a performing career spanning sixty years, enjoying many genres including solo recitals, opera, orchestral, jazz, pop and chamber music. The Quirk Duo is a distillation of those experiences, an exploration of possibilities.
Quirk Saxophone Quartet


The Quirk Saxophone Quartet is made up of like-minded saxophonists:

Sarah Markham - soprano
Kenneth Wilkinson - alto
Chris Jolly - tenor
Sarah Hind - baritone